Psexec cmd exe exited with error code 0

" cmd exited on REMOTEMACHINE with error code 0". psexec \ \ RemoteComputer " cmd. exe / c batchfile. bat" That will run the batch. · Capturing PSEXEC' s command line output. net exited on PCNAME with error code 0. , You can customize the font a lot more compared to cmd. Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed answers to any questions you might have. PowerShell - version 1. exe exited on remoteserver with error code. 1) The psexec - i - accepteula - u test - p test cmd / c " echo test > somewhere. txt" started from java using attached try utility works. 2) The psexec that is run by build agent started interactively ( via agent. bat start, not via service) under the same user fails.

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    Code error psexec

    Hello Shruti, Could you please make sure you use the PSexec correctly in the build process template? Please take a look at this blog for detailed information how to use PSexec in the workflow. Hi MaheshGangurde, Thank you for posting in the MSDN forum. Based on your description, we can make sure that it isn’ t a VS debugger issue. I involved some MSBuild experts about this issue. Thanks for the catch; I had not tested my answer. I looked into it some more and it is an issue with ERRORLEVEL. When using if ERRORLEVEL # do it is actually performing the following comparison if ERRORLEVEL > = # do. I am running this test. bat from another server using psexec command The. next call batch command its throwing error ". bat exited with error code 0. Run a remote command prompt with psexec ( psexec \ \ pcname cmd. Run procmon via the remote prompt ( procmon / backingfile c: \ log / quiet) - you have to run this twice. Программы\ Sysinternals> psexec \ \ COMPNAME - u admin - p adminpass cmd.

    exe / c hostname PsExec. exe exited on COMPNAME with error code 0. The script is actually executing fine as well when done via PsExec, it just never returns until I hit the " enter" key on my CMD prompt. This is a problem, because this is being called from TeamCity, and it makes the Agent hang waiting for PsExec to return. Psexec Exited Error Code 0 _ PsExec. exe / / Ws1 - u domain/ user - p password net use z: / / Ws2/ SharedFolder. The command completed successfully. net exited on Ws1 with. I' m trying to open up a an. exe program that is on a remote computer through my main desktop using a batch file and psexec. I have been able to remotely kill programs using pskill, but when I.

    I would recommend to use psexec cmd. exe \ \ ServerA to open a command prompt on hte remote server. This enables you to troubleshoot parts of your command. well, what I would really like to do is have the output from the FcInfo. exe that is executed on the remote server, sent back to a log file on my laptop where I am running the PsExec utility. Psexec Exit Error Code 2. exe Exited On With Error Code 1 a single hop. Psexec Error Code 0. exe in a TFS build script worked with without using psexec. exe, to uninstall and re- install an application on the build machine. · Hi all, Im trying to get psexec to remotely run simsbac. bat on one of our servers. I' m trying: Code: psexec \ servername simsbac. bat and im getting:. Errors starting PsExec to run a program as a local service.

    up vote 0 down vote. \ Windows\ System32\ cmd. exe exited on XXXX with error code. We Were trying out the " HelloSequentialWorkflow" from msdn, wherein there was a call command to deploy the workflow using " PostBuildActions. The Build Failed and we. Why does PsExec hang after successfully running a. powershell exited on target with error code 0. run via cmd, not powershell). Example: psexec \ \ target - u. Error codes returned by PsExec are specific to the applications you. \ SOFTWARE\ mytest. bat exited on 192. 25 with error code 5.

    10 - u " mydomain\ administrator" - p " password" cmd I' ve noticed that RPC fails on my first attempt frequently, but then works, so I' ve brushed it off, but maybe that is the issue here. It works fine when passing parameters, too. Are you running psexec from a cmd prompt or a powershell prompt? My example is from a powershell prompt. There is also a command line = > setup. exe - - mode= Silent - - deploymentFile= < path to Installer XML file> but deployment team does not accept exe file, we have tried that option as well in SCCM, it did not work either after distribution, manual testing works ok. Explanation: exits the batch file, closes the cmd. exe, and sets the return code to zero I write my batch files with GOTO statements that control the exit and return code. This is an example of a batch file that reads a log file line- by- line and examines it for the success/ failure string. psexec exits with “ < cmd> exited on < target> with error code 128. Psexec: copies PSEXESVC. user contributions licensed under cc by- sa 3. Why does the psexec- executed command below fail when I add double quotes to the parameter?

    It works fine without psexec with double quotes It works fine with psexec without double quotes! Using PSEXEC DOESN' T RUN MSIEXEC CORRECTLY. do psexec \ \ % % x cmd / c msiexec. Status Solved Priority Medium Security. Is PSEXEC located in c: Temp? In other words: When you run the command from the CMD prompt, what is the active directory? and what is the script directory? Psexec Cmd Exe Exited On With Error Code 0 My PsExec command looks like this - calc. exe is visible in the TaskManager but This give me notepad. exe exited on SRVH- 82. · Windows PowerShell Exit Codes ★ ★ ★. remote server with Powershell 2. I’ m trying to get the exit code of a. Psexec Exe Error Code 0.

    results to a etc + / / server/ share$ / DelProf2. exe exited with error code 0 psexec / / computer. Home » PSEXEC » PSEXEC Error Code 1. 0 comments PSEXEC Error Code 1. exits the batch file, closes the cmd. exe, and sets the return code to zero. a program under local system account by using sysinternals' s Psexec utility. you can C: / Windows/ system32_ exit cmd. exe exited on HP- PC with error code 0. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. For the command you' re executing, the expected behavior is for the remote instance of CMD. EXE to execute in the same window as the psexec command. · Есть PSexec 1.