2004 jeep liberty error code p0138

All circuits tested to be properly functioning so the o2 sensor was replaced. The automobile consist of:. Hi all I have a 3. 5L that keeps giving me codes P0137, P0138 - P0157, P0158 Both post cat O2 sensors high & low voltage. I have replaced both sensors ( with the cheap universal ones), the car ran code free for 1 day and then BAM. P0138 code definition. O2 Sensor Circuit High Voltage ( Bank 1, Sensor 2) What the P0138 code means. P0138 is the OBD- II generic code indicating the O2 sensor for bank 1 sensor 2 fails to have a lower voltage output below 1. 2 volts for more than 10 seconds indicating a lack of oxygen in the exhaust stream. I have a Jeep Liberty Trail Rated car, that recently had its check engine lights on.

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    Code error jeep

    It was on for a while, and then turned off. Then on again, and off. My Jeep check engine light started to blink, and the engine is running really rough. From the posts listed, I found the problem codes: P0300, P0301, P0302, P0455, and P1196. Tech notes The code means that there is a problem with the heater element circuit of the heated oxygen sensor. The control module monitors how long it take the sensor to warm up and start sending an adequate signal. Home » Knowledge Base Articles » OBDII Codes for Jeep Vehicles 1997 to OBDII Codes for Jeep Vehicles 1997 to A short list of OBDII codes used in Jeep vehicles. OBDII Code Reader Required. 02 jeep liberty O2 sensor circuit slow respones bank 2 sensor 1 check light? Its located in the right exhaust downpipe just before the mini catalytic converter. It referered to as 2/ 1.

    A list of common OBDII scan codes for a Jeep engine. I believe you are correct that this is the O2 sesor after the cat. If your jeep is generally running fine, I' d strongly suspect a bad O2 sensor. My check engine light has been on with a P0138 High voltage code, bank 1 sensor 2. I replace the 02 sensor near the manifold ( before the cat) as told to with a Bosch, but the light is still one, even after i reset the code it came back on. My daughter purchased a Jeep Liberty and loves it. About a month ago she recevied an O2 sensor ( P0038) code. I replaced the sensor and all was good until a few days ago. P0138 Jeep Description The Heated Oxygen Sensor 2 ( HO2S) ( Rear O2 Sensor), after three way catalyst ( manifold), monitors the oxygen level in the exhaust gas on each bank. For optimum catalyst operation, the air fuel mixture ( air- fuel ratio) must be maintained near the ideal stoichiometric ratio. This video will show you how to fix check engine light trouble code is P0158 high voltage Bank 2 sensor 2 oxygen sensor on any Honda and Acura vehicle J Series engine. THIS IS THE BEST AND VERY. jeep liberty 3, 7 code p0135 changed o2 sensor check engine light comes on Check the wires at the back of the harness plug for any breaks.

    Some times they break inside the coating, so pull on them. 02 Liberty trouble codes and cooling issue jeep liberty sport 3. 7L 115, 000 miles had bank 1 sensor 1 code and map sensor code. relpaced driver side front o2 and map sensor. cleared codes after install. also had code p1281 eng to cold to long. put new dealer stat in. is there a special bleeding sequence to go thru not reall. When is the code detected? The P0138 code is set when the Engine Control Module ( ECM) detects that the rear O2 sensor signal voltage remains excessively high for an extended period of time. Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth. " - Sherlock Holmes.

    Fix code P0152 oxygen sensor Trouble code P0152 Oxygen Sensor Circuit High Voltage ( Bank 2 Sensor 1) is a fairly common code. And like all trouble codes, just because the sensor’ s name is part of the description, that DOESN’ T automatically mean the sensor is bad. P0138 O2 Oxygen Sensor Circuit High ( B1S2) Technical Description. O2 Oxygen Sensor Circuit High Voltage ( Bank1, Sensor2) What does that mean? This diagnostic trouble code ( DTC) is a generic powertrain code, which means that it applies to OBD- II equipped vehicles. OBD- II Code P0158 is defined as a OBD II P0158 Oxygen Sensor Circuit high Voltage ( Bank 2 Sensor 2) The rear Oxygen Sensor is located in the exhaust system behind the catalytic converter( s). It sends critical feedback data to the Power Train Control Module or ( PCM) that tracks the operational. So I just wanted to inform my fellow jeep members that I recently fixed my O2 sensor problem ( and was quite a confusing thing). I own a Wrangler 4. 0L sport, and recently got the ( OBDII) P0132 & P0138 codes which are High Voltage Output in sensors 1 & 2. I had to search this forum, as well as. Re: Liberty Engine Light Warning Here' s the update on the sensor issue.

    The P0138 problem was fixed for now, the tech attributed the fault to gease on the coonectors and wires. Best Answer: P0138 02 Sensor Circuit High Voltage ( Bank I Sensor 2) Ok so that is driver side of a 6- cylinder Liberty, 2nd sensor back from the motor. On a 4- cylinder Liberty that would just be the 2nd sensor back from the motor. Code P0499 on Jeep Liberty stands for a shorted high condition detected in NVLD solenoid circuit. This indicates there could be a leak in the vacuum system. Jeep Grand Cherokee 4. 0 Liter Engine with a P1281 Code. This automotive repair article is on a specific check engine light code for a Jeep Grand Cherokee. When scanned with an automotive scan tool, a P1281 fault code was retrieved. Fault code P0138 is a code for the downstream 02 sensor reading high voltage. When this sensor reads high it will lean out the that bank and set P0171. We need to find out why the voltage is high. Source: Stu Olsen' s Jeep Page, Austrian Jeep Club- Wrangler Codes ( M) - Malfunction Indicator Lamp ( Check Engine Light) ; ( G) - Generator Light See Glossary for terms and acronyms. I got the creeper under my Jeep today and confirmed that bank # 1 is on the passenger side portion of the exhaust. I unplugged the sensor, started up the Jeep and got code P0036 ( Heated O2 Sensor Heater control circuit bank 1 sensor 2) right away so that confirms I was looking at the right part.

    The P0139 JEEP code is set when the Engine Control Module detects that the rear O2 sensor takes more time to respond between rich and lean than the specified time. yes the liberty is a and is a 3. 7 the location of the sensor was on the driver side after the cat my computer says heater control circuit for bank1 sensor 2 i changed both sensors 1 and two on driver side and actually changed sensor 2 twice thinking it was a dud the first time. Jeep®, Wrangler, Cherokee, Liberty and Grand Cherokee are copyrighted and trademarked to Chrysler LLC. com is not in any way associated with or endorsed by the Chrysler LLC. All other content is copyright Jeep Horizons. SOURCE: Can you tell me what p0463 code means on my Liberty p0463 is a self diagnostic code that is for the fuel gage sending unit located inside the fuel tank if your fuel g age is reading empty just after you filled it then that verify' s the code is correct you have a bad sending unit. Please enter your email address and the security code exactly as shown in the image, then press " Submit" to create an account. I am getting a trouble code thats reading P0137 on my reader for a Liberty chrysler, any idea as to what the problem is Symptoms There may be no visible. Trouble code P0442.

    Try as we may to keep our Jeep vehicles running in perfect condition, odds are the vehicle will ' throw a code' and light up the Check Engine symbol at some point along the way. CEL Code P0138 This is a discussion on CEL Code P0138 within the KJ General Discussion forums, part of the Jeep Liberty - KJ ( 02 to 07) category! Hey Guys- So I was driving the KJ this afternoon doing some errands locally and for no reason that I. P0137 code definition. O2 Sensor Circuit Low Voltage ( Bank 1, Sensor 2) What the P0137 code means. P0137 is the OBD- II generic code indicating the O2 sensor for bank 1 sensor 2 is failing to increase the voltage output above. 21 volts indicating excessive oxygen in the exhaust.